Elizabeth Murray Smith Inman1775-05-29Ralph InmanCambridge, MA42.3736158-71.1097335Dear Sir,--To satisfy my friends I am about a most disagreeable task, that of moving from a once delightful home to wander God knows where. I think it necessary to leave Fesenden, Titus and Bill, the young Fesenden must go with us, he is too young to leave among so much company.Harry is anxious to go to town, I have told him he wants so much nursing, milk, broth, greens &c that you could not have him with you. He has desired his foules and ducks may go with him and his trunk &c; if so he thinks he can be very happy where I go. Bella Flue moves first. I went to Brush-hill-- 206 --this morning. Crane is to move his family to some part of Stoughton to-morrow. With Mr. Boises advice I hired him at the same rates you give Fesenden to assist in getting the hay and crop. I intend he shall sleep in one end garret and Fesenden in the other.Col. Sargent is not at home. When he returns I shall offer him what part of the house he chuses. I have thought very seriously of these matters; I hope the part I have acted will be agreeable to you. Bill is to be Cook, Gardener and Housekeeper.What is become of Judge Denforth and daughter? I fear they have been frighted.Dear Sir,--My aunt has been so busy in sending off the goods to Brush-hill that she has not time to finish her letter, desires me to let you know she has sent Bill to return with the chaise carriage that Jack went down with. He takes Jacks clothes with him, who she does not expect to return to her again.I know it will be a satisfaction to hear we have begun to move and I hope we shall soon have it in our power to acquaint you We are settled at Brush-hill, altho' I assure you it is with great reluctance we leave this agreeable place. I wish it may make you and the rest of our friends easy.May 31st.--You was to have had this but Bill brought it back again. Mr. & Mrs. Bacon carrys this to the ferry and stay for letters from Mr. Goldthwait.-- 207 --Pray write how you are. Have you shirts and linen according to memorandum.Adieu.