Emily Chubbuck Judson1847-01-20A. JudsonMaulmain, Myanmar16.48472297.625833My Own Blessed Darling,--I have been exceedingly distressed about writing to you, for I thought you would be worried about us, and have-- 253 --no opportunity of hearing until your return. Captain Antram has, however, just sent word that he leaves early to-morrow morning, and so I sit down in my night-dress to tell you that all is going on like clock-work. There has been a robbery in the printing-office, and so I have got two of Mrs. Howard's scholars to sleep with Moung Shway Kyo, and they do sleep! Captain A.'s servant made plenty of noise, and I walked fairly over them to the door, but they are snoring still. Little Edward is quite well again, though I was obliged to go to Mrs. S. about him again, being unwilling to call a physician, unless obliged to.We have heard that the king is really assassinated. I am prepared for almost any thing strange, and I think that these various overturnings must turn up something favorable to our object. How good of you, darling, to write me those two sweet letters, when I didn't expect any! They made me cry, like the baby that I am, in gratitude. Oh, if we are ever safely together again, I will follow you wherever you go, in spite of difficulties. Not that every thing is not pleasant now, but these separations are not good. I look in my room and through my dressing-room window up to the chapel for you every day in vain. And you.--I think of you, darling, although I write about myself. I think of you on the sea, perhaps in danger; on the land, alone and exposed to--what? Oh, if I could only know precisely what!I have no choice at all between Maulmain and Rangoon. Decide as you shall think best. I know you will not let this world's comforts weigh with you, and yet you will be prudent.Farewell, my "home," my life, my all but God and heaven. Farewell for a little while, but come as soon as possible. May the best blessing of Heaven be about thee, my precious, precious husband (my heart bounds with pride and pleasure as my pen first addresses thee by this title, darling); may the blessing of-- 254 --Heaven be upon thee, and all sad thoughts and remembrances be kept far away. So prays daily,Thy loving wife,Emily.I have not let the clock run down, nor neglected to feed the fowls!!