Frances Marvin Smith Webster1848-03-16Lucien BonaparteFort McHenry, MD39.2641151-76.5798874. . . . We have heard that Uncle Edmund is about to leave Mexico and return home. Colonel Belton too thinks of returning this spring and I suppose your turn will come by and by. I think I shall accompany Uncle Edmund to New York; he is expected here the last of this month. I shall make a short visit in New York to Mrs. Phalen and to Aunt Katherine and I should like to spend a few days in New Haven. Meanwhile I trust that peace may be concluded, and that I shall know something definite about your return to this country.-- NA --I fear very much that the treaty modified as it is by our government will not be acceptable to the Mexican people and that they will refuse to confirm it. In that case the war will be of long continuance, and you will have to let me join you in Mexico. When I read the beautiful and exciting descriptions of scenery in that country some of which I have enclosed to you I am filled with the desire to go there and I quite envy those ladies who are there, and who not only have the privilege of being with their husbands, but can enjoy these most lovely exhibitions of nature.The children are both well. They have been very much pleased with the presents you have sent them. For whom did you intend all the purses sent? I think if you can get a pretty basket similar to the one you sent to Josie or perhaps a flat open one made in the same manner for Mrs. Foot, that it would be very gratifying to her to be so remembered. Indeed you might present several of them to your different friends and some of the little riding whips too would be pretty and acceptable gifts; everything from Mexico is so much prized. Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Phalen as well as your friends in Geneva would all be pleased to be thought of in such a way, and I have suggested it lest it should not occur to you.I hope you will continue to collect seeds, and plants if possible. There are many kinds of cactus, which will take root long after being separated from the parent. You might wrap some up and put them in your trunk to try the experiment with.