Frances Marvin Smith Webster1848-03-19Lucien BonaparteFort McHenry, MD39.2641151-76.5798874I have nothing new or of interest to communicate my dearest husband, for 'tis but a few days since I wrote last to you and I have hardly been beyond the precincts of my own room within that time, my occupations consisting in attending to the children and sewing, which cares though they fully occupy my time give very little variety for a letter.Today it has been raining all day so that I could not as I usually do attend the services which are held here on Sunday afternoons, by a Methodist clergyman (Dr. [George] Roberts), but I have passed a considerable portion of the day in reading to the children and in hearing them read. Dear little-- NA --Fanny has certainly the sweetest and most affectionate disposition I have ever known, but much too sensitive for happiness. Today I read to her the story of Joseph, which I adapted to her comprehension. I found however that she was not very much interested but very much affected, and when poor Joseph was put into the pit, she burst into the most broken hearted fit of sobbing and said she could not hear any more, but after a while she became consoled by being told that he got safely out of the pit and became very happy, and she ended in being quite delighted with the denouement and begging to hear the story over again. You will be able to form from this some idea of her disposition. She is very sweet in her ways, and much more generally a favorite than Josie, when she chooses to be so, but I am sorry to say this is not always her choice, though she is generally a very good child. . . .I have lately been engaged in a correspondence with Mrs. General [Edmund] Gaines, respecting the means of raising a fund for the widows and orphans of the Army. I shall reserve it for your reading when we meet. I think some good will grow out of it.I shall leave here next week for New York. I have already requested you to direct your letters to that place. I shall make Mrs. Russell and Mrs. Phalen a visit and shall also go to New Haven previously to going to Syracuse and Geneva. Perhaps you may be able to accompany me to the latter place.