Abigail Grant1776-08-19Azariah GrantLoving Husband after Love to I would inform you that we are well through Gods mercy upon us and through the Same Mercy I hope these Lines will find you well also I keep writing to you again & again & never can have only one Letter from you tho I hear by Captn Wm Riley 1 news that makes me very Sorry for he Says you proved a Grand Coward when the fight was at Bunkers hill & in your Surprise he reports that you threw away your Cartridges So as to escape going into the Battle I am loath to believe it but yet I must unless you will write to me & inform me how it is, And if you are afraid pray-- 175 --own the truth & come home & take care of our Children & I will be Glad to Come & take your place, & never will be Called a Coward, neither will I throw away one Cartridge but exert myself bravely in so good a Cause. So hopeing you will let me know how it is, & how you do, So bidding you farewell, wishing you the best of heavens Blessings & a Safe & manlike return, subscribing myself your Loveing wife untill DeathAbigail Grant 2(Dont Shew Grants Letter)The Above is a true Coppy of a Letter Sent to Azariah Grant by his wife. I was-- 176 --so vastly pleased with the natural Simplecity of it & the Cutting Reflections I could not but Send it you. What must a man of-- 177 --any feelings undergo at the upbraidings of such, and so near a friend Would you not rather be cut inch by inch to pieces? Would you undergo half so much in that-- 178 --way? but he is Callous & does not feel it Laughs & makes a Jest of it as much as any of his Mates do. Tho he Owns & Swears it is Certainly his Wifes hand, She Certainly wrote it &c &cWhen I began Coppying it I thought not of adding, but it is a pity to Send much Clean paper out of Camp & So I will go on -- What Came of my Letter to the Treasurer? Did he give you no Answer? My Men are Suffering, many of them, for want of the Money for Necessary Cloaths, Sauce, [?] which they are most unrighteously Obliged to buy themselves a great part of the time Since the new Continental Regulations took place &c &c Your Blanketts I cannot yet hear a Word of. -- Pray how goes the Onions? If you can get any here they will fetch you 4d pr Bunch -- I hear you have had a Brush with Meddliters [?] (alias Mat Talcott) 3 because-- 179 --they stopped 2 or three of your Vessells loaded with Onions 4 going Down the River Why do you not write me of Such kind of News? How goes on the Skeen Business of your being a Tory etc. etc.? Pray give me a Little discription of Leonards House I believe it may Safely be worshipped for by all accts its neither the Likeness of anything in Heaven Above or in the Earth beneath or in the Waters under the Earth Sammy was over here yesterday at Capt Watermans 5 & Sent for me, but I was Tied fast on a Court Martial-- 180 --& could not possible go till almost (2) (3) Clock & then he was gone. He is so Elevated with his promotion that he will not Condescend to come up the hill to Our encampment -- Never Mind we'll be in . . . . . . . . him up yet