Lucy Flucker Knox1777-04-01Henry KnoxBoston, MA42.3600825-71.0588801My only love, Thank you - ten thousand times - my dear dear Harry - for your kind affectionate letter by Mr Shaw. before I received it I was anxious beyond expression for the fate o him whose wellfare is the greatest concern of my life having had no letters by the two last posts I feared some evil had befallen him - at this cruel distance how many such miserable moments I shall have - My heart does indeed [struck: witness] witness that my love for my Harry is much much greater than it was three years gone - I am glad very glad that his reception was agreable to him - would to heaven we had taken General Howe - it might have given us peace - you wish for the N england troops - I fear it will be a long time before any number of them are with you - there are a number of men raised - but I am told they have not a single necessary to take with them - by the return of Mr Shaw - I will send you what you desire to Mrs Hoffmans little daughter - Now for the small pox - in the first place Dr Rand has no hospital under his direction - but I had applied to a Dr Aspinwal at Brookline - and had engaged to go next week - but genl Heath has thought [first/best?] to order him to clear the house and to take the new inlisted soldiers - however - there is yet a chance that he will be permitted to take those he had engaged first - if he is not there is another hospital at Salem - under the care of Betsy Davis s intended husband - where I shall go if I [inserted: am] disappointed of the first - if I go to Brookline, Dr Gardiner says he will see me daily -, I have wrote to my Aunt - desiring her to come to me immediately - but [2] have as yet received no answer - I will take the most effectual method to send you the things you desire - as to the affair with Mr Hickborn - I could wish my busy husband had seen to it himself - the paper that you left me with is thought insufficient - therefore beg you would send me one properly executed - I will see Mr Bodowin as soon as may be - so much for your letter - Hannah is in NY I have wrote to her by Mr/s? H[arbek?] - which I dare say you will approve of I have taken care to say nothing but what the world may see - poor girl I fear her brute of a husband - does not make her proper [struck: remittances] remitances - is it not very strange that he does not come out to her - My Harry - I believe there never were two persons more happily united that we - could we oh could we but live together - Give peace in our time oh lord) there is no petition in the whole liturgy that I offer with more energy than that -, For the present farewell - my all in all - May he without whose permission not a sparrow falls take you under his most gracious protection - may he cover your head in the day of battle - preserve your very precious health - and soon, very soon restore you - to the Arms of your, tenderly Affectionate Wife, Lucy Knox -, I meant to have copied this, but Speakman cannot wait -, , Lucy sends you a kiss - burn it for I shall be ashamed of it