Henry Knox1777-04-01Lucy Flucker KnoxMorristown, NJ40.7967667-74.4815438I leave the usual address at the head of my Letter because I can fix upon none the thousandth part Strong enough to convey the Idea [struck: which I have] of the Strength of my attachment & love to you - I have received yours No 3 [strikeout] my Lucy [strikeout] [inserted: was] Very low spirited when she wrote it - small pox absence, & Genl. Howes driving us thro‰_ the Jersies, all dancing & hazing thro her brain at once were enough to crazy her - most of the evils of Life my dear Girl are imaginary, (‰_tho an absent Love is by no means a fancied evil) which by examining [struck: and] contemplating well & looking [illegible] at disperse and vanish - [inserted: Heaven will carry my Lucy & her baby] the small pox by [strikeout] & you may rely upon it for a fact that General Howe is not driving us thro‰_ the Jersies into Pensylvania - these two evils will be remov‰_d don‰_t let them prey any more upon those spirits so essential to the health of my Love - Heaven in its own due time will restore us to [struck: gether] each other with a full proportion of happiness to make up lost time - You seem to doubt the authenticity [2] Chevalier St Louis d Borese [strikeout] Character - he was a Lt Colo. in the service of France and sent out here by Mr Dean - The French from the fullest conviction of its being their interest will most undoubtedly assist us - I have seen authentic papers from France which Removes the smallest doubt from my mind. Though they do not propose to declare War Yet they will open a Commerce with us and will defend that Commerce by force - this Cuts the matter short - France will trade & great britain will interrupt that trade by taking their Vessells - I am Chagrin‰_d to hear of Cranes ill success as he did not write me - From a throurough view of the mercenary tempers, narrow contracted views, - selfish and designing views of Many of the people of America should be much less sanguine of the success of opposition against, an invasion by a powerful - brave Army of Foreigners headed by a man of Genius and Capacity than I have been - were it not that I have the most enthusiastic assurance of mind That it is the Will of high Heaven that America should be great - she may not deserve it - her exertions have been small, her policy wretched nay her supineness in the past Winter would according to the common operations of things mark her for destruction [3] But we are Contending with a people cruel indeed that far from being enterprizing, far from being mark‰_d with scarce one Characteristick of Greatness, except a total debauch of morals be a mark of over refine‰_dness of Manners the consequence of ease and Luxury - let them alone say you - I will for I beleive that God has let them alone., By this time I hope my Lucy has taken the small pox in such a way as to dissolve it of its terror - may God grant her every necessary [text loss] to go through it with safety [text loss] - , Billy is so set upon going into the Army - but I have given my word to him and I must stand by it - Give my Love to him and tell him so -, Adieu my Dearest blessing, Adieu, Henry Knox