Henry Knox1777-08-25Lucy Flucker KnoxDerby, PA39.9184461-75.2590721The post not having arriv‰_d at Camp I have it not in my power to acknowledge the receipt of the Letters of my Lucy. I was in hopes by this post to have acquainted you that I was coming nearer to you, as a remove of the army had been determin‰_d upon towards the NRiver. But after we had march‰_d a few Miles, an express arriv‰_d informing of the enemy being in Chesepeak Bay near 300 miles up from the Capes of Virginia - the design as suppos‰_d to possess a neck of Land from Christeen River to the head of Elk river, 12 miles across [struck: and] by which they would seperate seven Counties of Delaware and maryland, and two of Virginia. The inhabitants of these counties or at least a great number of them are disafected, and capable of supplying Sr W.m with provisions in plenty. others again suppose that he intends to land there & march to Philadelphia. , Both of these conjectures are in my opinion almost totally wrong. I beleive Philadelphia may be his principall object, but it is not by the way of Chesepeak, the plain natural way by the Delaware will be his route. - The Army will take post below Wilmington about 16 miles from this place and on to which they are now on [2] on their march. two divisions will be there to night and two others with the Pack of Artillery will be there tomorrow night. , The army Yesterday march‰_d thro the City of Philadelphia - their excelent appearance and marching astonish‰_d the Tories, who are very downcast in the respectability of the army - I was so unhappy as to absent at this time - when we lay at Bucks County and the Army had determin‰_d to move to the Jersies - Genl Greene and my self begg‰_d the favor of his Excellencys [struck: Genl] permission to pay a visit to Bethehem, to purchase some things for my dear dear Lucy - distant about forty miles - the weather was extremely hot and we [strikeout] set out 4 ‰_Clock in the afternoon and arriv‰_d at Bethlehem next morning at 9 ‰_Clock - where an express from the General was waiting for us with orders to return immediately. he had rode all night - however we first visited all parts of this singularly happy place - where all the inhabitants seem to vie with each other in humility and brotherly kindness - I inquired for the suit you desired me but they inform‰_d me that Guaze was so extremely scarce that they have not even a pair of ruffles but that if you would send Guaze for any things you might want they should be done as soon as possible - which indeed will be pretty quick - I have no conception of the quickness with which the Girls execute their tambour or flowering - an Inch a minute for certain - , I shall reserve myself the pleasure [3] of resenting this place untill I have the ineffable pleasure of seeing you - when that will be I cant say but please God at all events before Christmas - , We joind the Army after a most fatiguing Jaunt of 100 miles Yesterday about an hour after they had pass‰_ d thro Philadelphia - , The news of the militia at the Northward under General Stark must give you singular satisfaction - indeed it was a noble stroke for the oldest troops, but the atcheivement by Militia doubly enhances the value of the action - America will ever be free if all her sons executed themselves equally - , The violence which I am oblig‰_d to exert [text loss] restrain myself from bursting every tye of obligation [text loss] my country, and uniting myself inseperably to my dearest Love is past description - we were made for each others happiness - and I most sincerely [execrate] the wretches who have been the Cause that we were even a moment asunder - and Consider it as time lost to happiness - I love you purely and devoutly - all other affections whether of Brother or friend is nothing to the order of affection I have for you - may God soon bring us together again - & I sincerely [struck: bless] beg him to bless you and your babe. , , I am my dearest Love , Your truly affectionate Husband , HKnox