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MY DEAREST DOCTOR,This goes by Mr. W --, who sails tomorrow; also a letter to Captain G --. Mr. M -- begs to be remembered to you: he has been foot and hand to me since you left. My dearest Doctor, suffer me to put you in remembrance of what you put in the end of your trunk, the morning you left me, 1 and let it not lie idle. Read it as the voice of God to your soul. My dearest love, I have been greatly distressed for fear of your dear life; but the love I bear to your soul is as superior to that of your body, as the-- 74 --value of one surpasses the other; consequently my anxiety for its interest is proportioned. May Heaven preserve my dearest love -- lead you, guide you, direct you, so can you never go wrong -- protect and desend you, so shall you ever be safe, is the daily prayer ofYour affectionate Wife,I. Graham.I am told that you have taken a number of prisoners. I know not if you have any right to entail slavery on these poor creatures. If any fall to your share, do set them at liberty.