Alice Lee Shippen1778-01-17William Shippen, Jr.Stratford, ON38.1472629-76.8462651My dear Mr. Shippen,What is become of you & my dear Tommy -- it is almost 3 months since I left my dear Mr. Shippen & I have received but one short letter with my gown & apron but you are harried with business your good for nothing Doctors & commisarys give you-- 61 --all the Trouble. O! when shall I have you all to myself? & it is now two months since I parted with our dear our only son, the pledge of our love & have not heard once from him -- surely if he was well he wou'd contrive a letter to me, he is certainly ill or dead of that vile feaver Crags son had, my fears render me so miserable it is impossible for me to stay here where I find I cannot hear from those I love most. I shall return to Frederick-Town where you must my dear Mr. Shippen get a lodging for me. Mrs. Gates & Mr. Plato have both empty houses there which they will not want soon, & I shou'd suppose they will be glad to let them by the month, we agreeing to let them have them at any time if they shou'd want them, if you will write to my Br. Frank he will speak to Mr. Gates at York & Col. Loyd will speak to Mr. Plato for you. I mention these houses because I know of no other in Frederick, I shall be at Frederick the first of March unless you will contrive to meet me here before that time. If I cou'd correspond with you at this distance it would be some thing, but when I set down to write I feel myself tied up [with] the uncertainty of what I write getting to you only, I cou'd now fill a volume but no matter you shall know all when we meet. Perhaps it will be in the world of spirits & then we can convey our Ideas with delightful ease & certainty.Are you sorry for the Ladies in Philadelphia? Had they taken my advice they wou'd now have breathed in free air as I do. O! how good it is to do right, My dear Mr. Shippen tho' we are loosing thousands having loved (our) country and its interests invariably more than supports me under every difficulty. I feel I love in my very heart the true liberty of America the liberty of saying & doing every thing that is beautiful & proper. Adieu my dear faithful husband, direct for me at the Post Office at Leedstown & believe for it is really true that I am intirely & unalterablyYoursStratford17 Janry. 1778Do let me know if you have received a letter from me directed by our Br. Richard & one from Frederick. Give my compts. to any-- 62 --body you think will be pleased at being remember'd by me & tell me if you think our dear Girl improves by being with Mrs. Rogers. I don't think she improves in her writing, I mean the manner & pray don't let her wear a ribbon on her shoulders it will certainly make her crooked. My anxienty to know how Tommy does has already induced me to do what my reason wd. have forbid. I sent the man I hired at York back to Mr. Booths from Dumfries on Tommy's horse Stark & have not heard of him since & it is now six weeks; if he go to our Army Dr. Cutting knows the man & you can describe the horse, but no doubt he will part with him, for Mr. Thornton Washington says he knows the man, that he is a great horse Jockey & rogue. He described him exactly says he was a few miles from his Fathers & has promised to inquire after him & endeavour to get the horse for me, but I tho't it best to mention it to you lest he sd. come yr. way. You must not be angry, if you knew my feelings I am sure you wou'd not.