Susanna Stuart Fitzhugh Knox1778-09-03Will KnoxCulpepr, VA38.4729632-77.9962512What do you tell me, my dear Mr. Knox! of not coming home till next Monday or Tuesday? You surely have no Idea of my being entirely alone (or you would not delay coming so long). Yet so it is: I have not seen the Face of a white Person since last Sunday morning; it seems as if I lived in an uninhabited desert, which I am not sensible of when you are with me. "For with you conversing I forget all time, All seasons and their change -- all please alike," but I find it very different in your absence. I have tried every art to pass the time away since last Sunday, reading, working, walking, have been alternately tried, and I was just congratulating myself that my Solitude was at an end, when I got your Letter, which has blasted my hopes in an instant, and thrown me back to my old employment, counting the minutes; the only way I have to support myself now is that I expect my Mama will make amends by staying with us six weeks at least.You say (concerning politics) His most Christian Majesty's Fleet has been driven off the Coast by the English. I shall believe my share of that and make no doubt but what we shall hear of their drubbing the English by the next Post.If my Brother wants to see me as much as I do him he will not let the Brick burning hinder him from coming up. I long to hear an account of his late Peregrinations, and whether he came across a Dulcinea to his mind or not. Farewell, my dear Will.Believe me to be with the truest love,Yours only,Susanna Knox.