Frances Hart Sheftall1780-03-03Mordecai SheftallCharlestown, SC32.7764749-79.9310512My dear Sheftall:I had the pleasure to receive your laste letter, with my son's, by Mr. Coshman Polack by the way of North Carolina, and was glad to here [hear] that you and my son injoyed your healths, a continuance of which I sincerely whish you. But [I] was verry miserable to hear that you and my dear child was in so much distress. I would have endeavoured to have sent something for your reliefe, but the enemy now lay off of the bar, so that it is not in my power to do any thing for you at present, but the first safe-- 29 --oppertunity you may depend on my sending you whatever is in my power.Their is a Jew gentleman gone from here to North Carolina, by the name of Mr. Levy. He has promised me to buy up six halfe johanases [gold coins] theare [there] and to send them to you with a letter, as thay are much cheaper thare than [they] are here.I had not the pleasur off seeing Mrs. Walton, as the vessel she came in was obliged to put in to North Carolina. Mr. Coshman Polack has been to St. Eustatia and was passenger with Mrs. Walton, since whitch he has arrived here. He likewhise told us that he wrote to you, but that he never received an answer. Your brother [Levi] has shewn your letter to General [Benjamin] Lincoln, and he has assured him that he will do all in his power in your behalfe as soon as times is a little more settled here.You must tell my son that I would have answered his letter in full, but it is Friday afternoon and very late. [Writing is not permitted on the Sabbath.] But he may depend that I will whrite him by the next oppertunity. Our friend Mrs. Whrite is here and has been with me some time. She sincerely wishes to see you. Our old friend, Miss Sally Martin, is dead, and likwhise poor Mrs. Brady. Old Mrs. Mines [Abigail Minis] is here with all her family and is settled here. They all desire to be kindly remembered to you. I hav the pleasure to inform you that your brother's wife is safely delivered off a fine son and he is called Isaac. Mr. Jacobs and wife, in company with Mr. Cohen and wife, desire to be kindly remembered to you. Mr. Cohen's family is likely to increas shortly. I can assure you that Mr. Jacobs is been a father to your children and a great friend to me. I had like to [I almost] forgot to mention to you that I have received the 2 thousand pounds of Mr. Cape, with which I make exceeding well out by doing a little business. Your children all go to school. I have no more at present, but that I and all the children are in good health, and am, my dear Sheftall,Your loving wife,Frances SheftallPearla begs that you will excuse this scrool, as she has wrote it in great haste and our Sabbeth is coming on so fast.The children all desire their love to their brothe[r] and their duty to you. They all long for to see you.