Anne Huntington1780-09-22Benjamin HuntingtonNorwich, CT41.5242649-72.0759105Sir:I recd yours of the first Instt in which I have the agreeable acct of your Health and had Since the pleasure of the Like by Mr Ellery who informd me he Sat at the Same Board with you when at Philadelphia. Our Family and relatives at Norwich are well except Harry who has informd you of his misfortune. Deacon Huntington has lost his Son Roger in a Sudden and surprising manner As he was studying at Doc Rogers's with a sharp pointed Pen knife Carelessly in his Hand a Fly Bit him and he knockd his knees together and pierced the knife into his Thigh and cut Through the main Artery-- 45 --Doc Rogers Soon stopt the Blood from coming through the Wound bound it up and did not open it for Several Days tis thought the Doct was not skilld in such Capital wounds the Thigh Swelld to a great Degree and they Had Doc Turner to it he opend it and found near Two Quarts of Clotted Blood within the Thigh and a Mortification begun he told the Young man Immediate Amputation was the only Possible Remedy and that a very improbable one to which he consented and in less than an Hour after the operation Expired on the 7th Instant. Capta Edgerton's Daughter Lucy was Buried this Day his Son Ben. is very sick with the Long Fever. I think we have great cause of Thankfullness for the Discriminating Favour of Providence in preserving the Lives of all our Children. I have a great many things to say but have so many Family Avocations pressing upon me, tis very Difficult for me to write any thing in the Day-- 46 --Time, and my Sight fails me very much so that I am not able to write much by candlelight. I believe I must come to the use of glasses if I can find any I have tryd to Procure some Cyder but can hear of none to be sold nearer than Connecticut River Believe I shall send there with Mr Isaac Abel to git some he says he will buy a Load of Hay for us and settle with you when you Return E Lord Fails me about Hay Mr Hough Calld at our House the other Day to see us I askd him if he would give me the Money for the State Note you mentioned he said the Assembly had not setled how they should be recd and he expects they will the Next Session he offerd to let me have what Money I wanted and Believe I shall except his offer I indeavour at the best acconomy I am Mistress of but you are sensible of the Nessary expence of our Family I intend to engage Pork as soon as I can I suppose it will be very-- 47 --Dear we give 4 Dollars a pound for Beef. 1I did intend to have gone to Windham soon but cant Leave Harry at Present and shall omit it till you return, which I heartily wish forFrom, Dear Siryour Anne HuntingtonHonRBL Ben HuntingtonN. B. Capn Abel came here to Night and told me not to forgit to give you his kind Campts and tell you he wants to see-- 50 --us and a Prospect of being very comfortable on all accts but the want of your company which is indeed very hard to be reconciled to Brother Huntington from Windham went from here this afternoon he appears Chearful and more like himself than I have seen him for a long time he says his Wife and sister Stoors 2 are coming to see me in a few days have heard nothing from Mr Clark since you went from Home Mother seems as contented as can be expected.Pray write by Mr Tracy toYour Constant and AffectionateAnne Huntington