Lucy Flucker Knox1788-09-01Henry KnoxTrenton, NJ40.2170534-74.7429384I have received my Harrys Adieu by the last post my heart fails me when I think of the awful distance between [sic] us should fate cut the thread of either life, before our reunion how wretched would the surviver be- when I reflect on the innevitable stroke that must one day fall, I wonder how any object in life has power to interest me - would I could look forward to a future meeting, but there I am aground, pity me for it is my head and not my heart that errs, my perceptions are not equal to answer my inquiring imagination, but I rest assured if my future facultys are similar to those I at present possess, I shall recognise my Harry in whatever state we meet - , I have just finished a pretty long letter to our charming daughter, hers to me are the most delightful treat I have ever received, save one correspondence still dearer - , I am yet at Colonel Ogdens they treat me with their accustomed goodness, but I believe we shall begin to think soon of home - Billy has been to visit Henry he is well and as his uncle says contented - but I fear the poor child was afraid to complain Mrs Moore again [says mum] and of course can pay him no attention., Congress have proceeded no further in [2] the arrangment of the government a circumstance very alarming to the well affected and highly encouraging to the malcontents in this state they have already called County meetings alledging that the system must be a bad one or the Congress would organise it [Mynheur] V [Prenkel] is certainly recalled, Our little ones are perfectly well they are now all sleeping round me, Julia in [inserted: my] bed Marcus in a small cott by my side, and Washington with his nurse in another-, good night my best beloved forget my many errors, and if I have a shadow of merit magnify it into a reality, your, L Knox, , Trenton Sept 1st 88-, , [address leaf] , Honble H Knox