Henry Knox1788-10-24Lucy Flucker KnoxNew York, NY40.7127837-74.0059413With what pleasure did I receive my beloved Henrys note wrote immediately on his arrival at Boston - not only pleasing from the wellcome intelligence it contained but as an additional proof of that kind attention he has ever shewn to my happiness - , This evening I hope for a letter naming the day of [struck: his] [inserted: your] return and the manner of the journey, my heart beats with the fond idea of shortly embracing the dearest objects of my love the best of husbands and the most amiable of daughters - tell me my dearest [struck: freend] [inserted: friend] and tell me truly, have you the same hopes and fears that posses my mind, do you anxiously wish to see me, yet dread that some accident should have befallen me, I think you do, and that altho you know my many many faults, yet your goodness turns to the brighter side of the picture. , Our lovely babes are well, and ask perpettualy after pappa and sister. Harry is at [Heampsted]- Mr Ogden talks of going to Trenton tomorrow to return the first of November. by which time I trust he will find a better entertainer. Mr Robert Morris is in town he desires his compliments to you Mr Van Berkel is very anxious for your return which is also much wished by every one I meet if words may be believed, I, [2 I am going to Mr [Hoffmans] with Mr & Mrs Ogden a dinner to bury the hatchet in which I have some merit it is late but as I suppose we shall stay the evening I dare not defer my letter to my return as I flatter me you would be disapointed to find no letter in the [office] of a post night., Tell our dear girl not to think hard of me I will certainly write her on Sunday tho I hope the letter may return to me - , May god almighty bless you both , prays the fondest of mothers and , [struck: of illegible] the most tenderly affecte , of friends,, L Knox-, I wish I knew your address, [address leaf] , [struck: Honorable], H Knox, Boston