Susan Livingston Symmes1795-07-28John Cleves SymmesMy Dr FriendMy Last letters from N. Y. inform me of the great rise of Stock, as high as 50 per cent advance; would it not be best to empower your Friend Judge Morris to dispose of 4 shares that's standing in my name in the U. S. Bank, the money might be laid out to better advantage in Lands here -- I gave 60 per cent adc. when I purchased in the Bank, which is an additional reason why it would be proper to sell out when Stock is in demand -- I will write to Mrs Ridley to deliver the certificates to Judge Morris -- When I married I had some interest in certificates, 6 per cent, 3 per cent & deferred stock, on the books of N. Y. which Genl. Clarkson purchased for me while in Maryland, he has them in his possession, I could wish you would empower Sister Ridley to sell them & receive the interest due on them, likewise empower her to receive what is due to me from my fathers estate & what may hereafter become due, as she is acquainted with the Executors & will receive her own dividend, & also the interest & principal due to me on bonds -- I have the firmest reliance on her integrity she will keep an accurate account of what she receives, & either remit us the-- 74 --money or employ it as we may direct -- or if you object to her, Genl. Clarkson I doubt not will be obliging enough to undertake it, he could not receive the interest for me that was due on the Stock he sold Mrs. Ridley without a power of Attorney being lodged in the office --You were so kind as to tell me that you would enable me either to receive the interest or transfer the Stock just as I pleased, you can now use your pleasure, either to do it yourself or enable me to empower others -- I want the money to be employed to better advantage so that we might derive some benefit from it ourselves, & the principal be increasing in value, as it has ever been my favorite wish that my 2 little orphan nieces might inherit the principal when we are no more, if you will put it in my power to leave it to them -- it will be gratefully acknowledged byYour affectionate WifeJudge SymmesSusan Symmes --