Anne Huntington1774-05-23Benjamin HuntingtonNorwich, CT41.5242649-72.0759105Dear Sir! I recd your Second kind Letter Saturday Evening which in some measure Compensated for your not returning which I was in great hopes of on account of what Brother W Wrote which he never told me of till some days after he wrote I have partly wrote you two Letters but throwd them by because I had no News to write but what would add to your Trouble and concern about me I have had a Melancholly time of it ever since youv been gone for twas but the next Morning after you went from home I was taken with raising Blood but not to that-- 15 --Degree I did the other turn the Doctors Still Speak incouraging to me and think my Complaints rather of the Histerick than Hectick kind but doctors are Liable to Mistakes and often Fail in their Judgment Especially in Hectick disorders I Rest but very Ill Nights Saturday Night had but very little Sleep rode out with Nathan W yesterday and rested much better last Night and am Better this Morning tho I Tremble and am weak but have no Cough and I hope no setled Fever am much discouraged at turns about my Disorder but do not dispair of relief God has ever been Favourable and is ever MercifulI trust Iv an Interest in your Prayers Dear Sir pray for me that I may not have a False HopeDont be too much concernd about me but let us rest assured that God will do that which is for the BestThe Children are well and send their-- 16 --Duty the berer waits and I can only Subscribe my Self most Affecty yoursAnne Huntington