Elizabeth Murray Smith Inman1775-04-30Ralph InmanCambridge, MA42.3736158-71.1097335Dear Sir,--It has ever given me pleasure to study your happiness & to do everything that I thought was for your interest. I have try'd this week past to see and consult with you what you thought most proper to be done, but all in vain. This morning I rose at 5 o'clock, sent G. Speakman for a Pass to go and return before dinner. He Brought me the inclosed. By it my jaunt was stop'd. What to do I know not. This place will not do for me to make a home of for reasons Doctor Danforth 1 will give you. Complaining is not a failing of mine you well know. If agreeable to you-- 192 --do advise with Mr. Murray and Dolly. If he will consent to let her go with me to Brush-hill with her children, I can visit this place as often as I please and see that everything is done properly and take your and his directions in every respect. Dolly need not be afraid. I'll have a proper protection for Brush-hill, her & hers. I do not doubt you and my Brother will protect Mrs. Hooper and the young Ladys. No pass to carry hay in. If Dolly comes out, I shall want Loaf and Brown sugar &c. Ask the Col. to answer the Letter I sent him. Talk to the Doctor about horses and carriages. Job is in want of 20 or 30 pounds O. T. Betty is my Banker, any stores that are wanted may go to Brush-hill, I can have them from there. Please send out Jack's Clothes. He is obliged to wear a broad Cloth coat to work in. Did you get the handkerchiefs and two caps I sent by the white boy? I send a night shirt by the Doctor. Pray let Anny have your linen washed often till I can send more. . . .Monday morn.Pray Anne to make me a frame for a cap with wire and catgut. I'll put the muslin on it myself. If she does not know what I mean, Betzy does.Our thorn tree tells me the day of the month. How diffrent to what the last was, and how diffrent its appearance to the noise I hear from the other room. I hope it is all for the best and matters will be settled soon. Pray Mrs. Rowe to kill her calf, I will not rob her of it these times. Ask Doctor-- 193 --Danforth what news from Mrs. Barnes? If you have tap'd the rum, please to have it drawn off or filled up again. It will waste very fast if you do not.Tuesday.--I this moment received yours by crying Molly. The Doctor cannot go, as he waits on his Father to Chelsy. At the lines, I'll meet you to-morrow at ten o'clock. Would be glad to see our good Col. with you. Do not be uneasy about us, we laugh one half the day and Listen the other.Adieu.