Caroline Hyde Butler Laing1835-06-10Edward ButlerMy dearest EdwardA letter from Elijah informs me that a vessel will leave Philadelphia for Canton this week, and I hasten therefore to add another to, I fear, my useless number of letters. However you may possibly get this and yet I hope you will not -- because -- if you do your stay in Canton will have been much longer than you anticipated. Would that I could cast my eyes across the broad waters and view you at this moment, and also have the power of speaking given to me and of hearing to you.It is now ten o'clock -- a beautiful summer morning.There is a delightful breeze wafting its sweets in at my window -- there is not a cloud in the clear blue sky -- in fact it is such a morning as poets love to write about -- as ladies like to ride about -- as dandies like to strut about -- as children like to play about -- lambs like to frisk about and birds love to sing about -- now such a morning is this, the 10th of June.We are all in perfect health and are doing very comfortably. The children are all in school, except Gunner, who is fast in the arms of Morpheus, that good old fellow to whose embraces we mothers like to commit our children. Ma' is still absent, it is now three weeks since she left. I expect, and hope, that she is having a grand time!In at Father's they are all well. There is the old gentleman hoeing in his garden. I can see as I write; and there is Madame pulling-- 29 --lettuce. There now, she calls me! "Thank you Mrs. Butler, for your salad, it will go well with my roast lamb," -- baa, baa -- you know our summer food is all innocence, lamblike, baaaa.Mary is better than she was when I first returned, tho' she and Ann and Hannah feel almost sick at times with the many little crosses they are obliged to bear; some are really too provoking and I see no amendment of matters. There is a natural dislike and jealousy, most disagreeable to undergo. 18Ann is as firm in her Episcopal faith as ever, but I think Mary and Hannah are getting quite tired of prosing Doctor Penny -- nor do I wonder at it. His manner, his delivery, are all too mighty. Mary says she means to go one of these days to hear Dr. Stearns, so you may judge from that, that she is disgusted even against her principles and such always will be the case when we hear a person tell us in threatening language that we are all depraved and sinful -- call us impenitent sinners and denounce all God's vengeance upon us; how can anyone be otherwise than disgusted!At Mr. Todd's church they have an organ said to be a very fine one, but at the old church they are favored with the mighty powers of Mr. Lucas whose voice is like the roaring of Niagra or the weaving of the cedars of Lebanon.Hunt is very well. I see but little of him for he seems much engrossed and hurried with business. Mary Ann looks pretty well and Henry is as fat as a little pigeon. --- Tomorrow Sarah has her long-promised party and I hope that the heavens will shine upon her as brightly as they do today. She is to have about 13 little girls. I dread it. . . . I mean she shall have a good time if possible and have made plenty of cake for the occasion. 19Edward Clark and his wife are here spending the summer. He is a great piece of pomposity truly. He has his carriage and horses and ponies for riding on horseback . . . .I have not heard from New York for some time. The last news-- 30 --was that Mrs. Amos Butler was quite sick. Mrs. Hinckley got as far as the gate of Paradise but concluded to return and weed her tulips and lilies, so St. Peter kindly gave his consent.I wish, my dearest Edward, you could at this moment see our happy boys. They are just let out to play with the other school children -- there they go, helter skelter --. There is Thode, hat off in full chase after a butterfly! Down he goes -- up again and away -- now there is an outcry -- Martha Damon has hit Thode, who in turn has thrown her down. O fie, Thode! "I don't tare."My garden flourishes, weeds plenty, vegetables scarce -- but there is enough. I hope Uncle Elihu sends you the papers, if there is any news in the political world you will then get it. For my part I so seldom see a paper that I am as completely lost to all as you are ---I wish I could fold myself up in this letter and pop out upon you when you break the seal.Adieu, my dearest husband.Your affectionateCaroline