Anna Maria Lee1838-03-28Jason LeeSalem, OR44.9428975-123.0350963My Dear HusbandOur prayer meetings had just closed last evening when a letter was handed to me from you, which I received with joy and hastened to peruse the contents. About a half an hour after you left me I brushed up arose from my bed went out and prepared dinner and only three set down to eat, it was lonely. I afterwards went to work, and cleared up my bedroom; felt cheerful waited tea for Mr. Shepard. he did not come, had a row in the kitchen between a Kanaka and an Indian, we had no man about the premises; I felt calm and stept out and took the Indians gun into my possession while they were agreeing to fight each other on the morrow. Mr W 1 soon came in and settled the affair; we took tea without Mr. S. after supper threw myself on the bed, was so restless, arose took a glass of wine, commended you and myself to God, went to bed, soon fell asleep; I awoke very early in the morning lay awake a long time thinking about you; felt happy and wanted to sing, but was afraid of waking my neighbours When I arose found myself in good spirits had sweet to the the throne of grace, while commending you you to God -- through the day found myself in pain of body, but peace of mind -- I am astonished at the serenity of soul I enjoy. mature [nature] feels, but grace supports, sometimes I indulge poor nature, but dare not allow her much, lest she should get the advantage of me. I find my spirit stronger than my body. Oh my dear, help me to praise God, who so graciously supports me, under the shadow of his wing I have taken-- 170 --refuge, and there will I abide, and there I know you repose. glory be to God for the consolations of his spirit; in him I put my trust, and hang upon his word. -- -- The fondness of a creatures love How strong it strikes the sence." Truly I know this experimentally, I find my affections twining closer and closer about you; when [God?] gave you to me I received a precious gift, which I trust I shall ever be worthy of. I am happy and wish you to think me so. I rejoice that our spirits can meet before the mercy seat; continue my dear to meet me there, morning and evening. As I retired on monday night I thought, Husband is not here to lie down with me. but it immediately occured to me, God is here, and if I have his presence, and protection it will be well with me. If our lives are spared, how happy shall we be to embrace each other on your return; but if it is otherwise determined by our heavenly Father, I trust our ransomed spirits shall meet in that better world I have written you a letter of considerable length, I must close and may He who in mercy afflicts me, give you health and strength to perform your journey; be Careful of yourself for the sake of her who loves you -- write to me again, it will be a great comfort to me -- Elvira 2 is here God bless you, Farewell -- In the closest union and bonds of love. I remain your affectionate wife untile death.Anna Maria.Jason Lee.