Anna Maria Lee1838-04-06Jason LeeSalem, OR44.9428975-123.0350963My Dear HusbandI have taken up my pen to answer yours received by Mr. McKay 1 and Beers; 2 if I had time I should like to have written by Mr. K. but he was here on Sunday and a company of five with him, so that I was much engaged in getting supper for them: but you have heard from me by Johnson --. Could you but know what comfort your communications yield to my lonely heart, you would not think them frequent; they are a precious balm -- I am now waiting the reception of another. I still feel cheerful, sometimes lonely especially when obliged to lie down in pain, then I feel the loss of the dearest half, though weeping endures for a season joy returns again -- as yet I have been out but once since you left, then I took tea with Mrs. Leslie 3 friends call and see me, some seem surprised at my cheerfulness. The Dr. 4 informs me that I may hold myself ready before my time, my being in so much pain, he thinks will forward the business. -- What do you think? Elvira is a care too, you will have a young army to greet on your return. 5 We had heard of the scrape between the Dr. and B. 6 but did not credit it, until I received yours; I presume Mr. B. forgot the admonition given in holy writ, whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek turn to him the other also." 7 but from the opinion I have formed of the reverend divine, I should expect nothing else. oh what an example for a professed christian minister. I think the sooner he goes, and the longer he stays, to England, the better -- Thus far we have got along very pleasantly; Father Whitcombe 8-- 172 --takes care of me, and I take care of him, we get along without pulling each others hair, he finds enough to do: our boarders have not left us yet. If I were like a little bird, I should be most happy to fly to you, and secretly take peep at you, and then fly off again. I would not have to speek. you say were it not for the pain of parting you would see me again, but I think I could hardly endure it; Mr. W. 9 says if you was to come back again before you leave, he would hide away. for my part I wish you was on your journey. for the longer you stop so much the longer it will be before you return; 10 perhaps it is all for the best, we must submit: all I ask is your safe return, when your work is accomplished. oh my dear, if we never meet again on earth, how pleasing it will be, even in eternity, to reflect on the pleasant life we have led since we became one; yes I now look upon the past with delight, and I feel confident if we are spared, we will continue happy in each other, You wrote respecting Victoire -- I have not seen her; I think upon the whole it will be best to take Margaret, and shall send for her the first opportunity. You say your health is as usual, I wish it was better. I know not how you will perform your journey unless it improves. I often at midnight fancy you sleeping on the cold, hard, ground, while I have so good a bed to lie on and surrounded by so many comforts April 7 -- since I wrote the above, I have received yours by Johnson, it gave me much pleasure I suppose at this date you are with Daniel, 11 but before you receive this you will be fa[r]ther off. Your last found me on the bed, but cheerfull and health as usual -- I feel happy in knowing I have such a friend in God who thus sustains, and comforts me; under existing circumstances, were I destitute of his friendship, I should be wrentched-- 173 --indeed; my confidence in God is unshaken, and I think my faith has a firm grasp on his immutable promises; they are mine, all I have to do, is to claim them, and though I pass through the fiery furnace, I feel that the [firm faith?] like unto the son of man, will be with me: my mind seems to be gradually preparing for what I must pass through, and I feel to welcome whatever the Lord sees fit to call me to, even if it be unto death; I trust I shall be enabled to say "Thy will be done, 12 It is my constant aim as the trying hour approaches, to keep Mary's seat, at the feet of Jesus; I find it the best place for me -- Blessed be God for the happiness it is our privilege to enjoy, even in the hour of affliction, and keenest trials - - - In the course of my religious experience, I have ever found that in the severest trials, the Lord seems to bestow the most grace; so that the mountain becomes a plain and even to the faithful soul, when passing through the valley, and shadow of death, it has become a pleasant field, and in the agonies of expiring return, they have been constrained to shout for joy -- oh my dear husband, is it not encouraging to know that this too may be our happy privilege -- let us not fear then, but walk in the path of duty and do and suffer the will of your heavenly father -- I am in much pain while I write, but the subject is pleasing to me; and my mind is in a comfortable frame -- I cannot sit long at a time to write -- the last I wrote you was part of the time on the bed -- It is Saturday and I must now see to my bread -- April 8 It is now Sabbath, and a pleasant day, our meeting is just out. Brother Leslie preached from 3 Coll. 34 13 to a respectable number; next Sabbath we will have no preaching he is going to the fort to see Miss S. -- Nature has put on her beautiful attire, and conspires to make all around us pleasant ---- 174 --I sometimes wish Husband was with me to walk out, and enjoy its sweets -- but I walk no where but in the garden -- Really I must compliment you on your poetic effusions I think you must have met your muse, she was very generous to assist you so much -- I have showed it to some of those to whom it was addressed; and they have requested a copy -- you have done well -- Mr Shepard has a lengthy peice written for you, I do not know whither he will send it -- It is one year since we sailed from Oahu; strange things have taken place in that time -- Wensday April 11 Tomorrow Bro. Leslie leaves here for Vancouver when he returns I shall look for another letter from you -- I hope you will write every opportunity -- I wish you could hear from me oftener but I know not when you will hear again -- this leaves me in health as usual -- I think I feel better in mind than when you was at Umlequa -- 14 then I was taking trouble at interest -- Things more as usual -- I am keeping an every day journal for Mica. I must now close -- I have written you a long letter -- I would now commend you to God, and may you be preserved soul, and body; may you enjoy much of the consolations of the spirit, and experience much of the presence of God. Farewell my dear Husband, believe me ever to be yours in the strongest bonds of love, and increasing affection --Anna M. Lee --Jason Lee --