Anna Maria Lee1838-04-14Jason LeeSalem, OR44.9428975-123.0350963My Dear HusbandThough weary with the labours of the day, (it being a buisy day) I do not design closing my eyes to sleep to night, without assuring you of the joy I experienced, in the reception of two letters from you to day by M. P. 1 it was rather unexpected, and so much the more welcome; accompanying yours, was one from Mr. Douglas, 2 and one from Mrs. Spalding, 3 what a treat! and with them your watch, wich I highly prise, as we have no other about the premises, I shall take good care of it. I have been home this morning but a short time from Mrs. Leslies, where I had been to spend the night, when the paccage came: I can assure you my work was soon put aside until I knew what the contents of yours were, which were eagerly devoured. -- before you receive this, I presume you will receive a long letter from me, but that will not make this less welcome: really I did not think an opportunity would be presented so soon of writing to you: I thought I had written to you the last, for a long time I should be glad to have them as frequent, all your journey through, it would seem to shorten the time, and lessen the anxiety of each breast: every additional one from you, is but a new token of affection, and an evidence to me, that duty alone has called you from me, at this time especially: no my dear, I cannot persuade myself to think that any other motive would induce you to leave your post -- April 15 It is now Sabbath and I have arisen from my bed after an almost sleepless night -- It was not anxiety for you, or self, that kept me awake, for-- 178 --that anxiety is in a measure removed since I have given you to the Lord, yes my Dear we have him and He will keep us both, whether present or absent from each other; "I will trust in him and not be afraid, for the Lord Jehovah is my strength, and my song, and my salvation." 4 To day I have [been] too unwell to be in meeting, but while I have been upon my bed, I have all the exercises of the morning, and my heart has been warmed -- Mr -- P. 5 has preached an excellent sermon, watered with tears, he seems to enjoy himself much, I trust he will yet be made a useful laborer in the field; every member was present to day that is here. I wish you could see Mr. Douglas's letter, you are the whole subject, he says I may readily descover the cause; that produces the effect: if he had not known you, he would have thought you was in love; he has written me a very pretty, and respectful letter; I think he is rather mischevious. You ask if I do not think that we would be entitled to the leg of bacon if we were in England. 6 I think so and would venture to try it for a number of years, yes even through life. -- I used to sing, of the blessings of Celibacy I have turned my song to, oh the happiness of Matrimony! I believe I have the right one, and he selected, and given me by my Heavenly Father -- I find the old saying in our case is not true, "out of sight out of mind." I know that the heart that truly loves, never forgets and absence only tends to increase affection between two hearts that beat in unison, as thine and mine. I thank you for your candour in showing me wherein I lack, and hope to improve; I know and feel that I have many imperfections. You ask too what shall be said of those who have a good wife? I will answer you from Solomon's opinion, The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, and she-- 179 --will do him good, and not evil, all the days of her life. 7 I think he gives her a lovely character. Well, as it respects my health it is about the same; I do not feel in my heart to murmur, but am endeavoring to wait patiently the time, when the cause will be removed. I wrote you in my last, what the Doctor's opinion was, I think the time is past, and I shall go on to the proper time. I should like to know where you will be about the middle of June, you may guess where your other self will be. I frequently fancy you are near me, and almost hear your foot step, and hand upon the latch of the door, but alas, it is a dream; I often look around the room where we have spent so many pleasant hours together, where we have bowed knee in suplication together, but he who was wont to be with me, is not here in body but I expect is present in spirit. There are many things in our little appartment to remind me of you, but they only say he is gone your old chair is where it used to be, when you sat in it to write, it is the seat I ocupy this moment: your white hat hangs just where you left it, to wait the return of the head it formerly crowned; your comb hangs just where you left it and likely to remain there; even your old shoes remain on the shelf in silence, waiting with patience the return of the wearer. Well I have spent time enough I believe in giving you a description of things around me -- and these things make me feel a void in this lone bosom, which no other earthly object can fill. But my dear there is a sourse of consolation, which nothing can deprive me of I feel that I [am] now writing the last time, must this privilege at last be denied me? well it must be so and I feel grateful for the privilege I have enjoyed it has exceeded my expectations, and I have enjoyed it very much. It is time for me to close the-- 180 --sabbath is closing and I feel much better than I did in the morning. I hope this will find you in good spirits, and improved health. Susan 8 wishes to be remembered to you. If you have the pleasure of seeing Mrs. Whitman 9 or Spalding, 10 I wish you to remember me to them and thank them for their kind favours, and tell them I shall write to them the first convenient opportunity -- And now I have nothing more to say or do but commend you to my God, and your God. humbly praying that he will keep your mind in peace, and cause you constantly to rejoice in his love, and goodness. Pray for me, I seem to feel that our prayers do arise together, for each other, daily before the mercy seat -- Well I have almost written the last line -- Farewell my husband, God bless you, and return you to my embrace again, after a speedy journey -- until then I shall endeavour patiently to wait. I remain your affectionate wife, in the strongest bonds of increasing love while life remains,Anna M. Lee.