Caroline Hyde Butler Laing1839-12-21Edward ButlerNorthampton, MA42.3250896-72.6412013My dear Edward,I have congratulated you and myself many times that you left here as you did, for had you waited until Sunday as you at one time proposed, you would have had a very uncomfortable journey, had you even waited until now. On Saturday night last there was one of the greatest storms known here for years, and it continued without abatement until Monday morning. It snowed violently, the wind blew in Cape gales, drifting the snow in immense heaps. I never witnessed a more terrific scene in winter and I could not help thinking too, of the poor sailors who were suffering, and indeed they did suffer, for Mr. Atwill's papers from Boston bring distressing accounts of loss of lives and vessels on the Eastern coast. No Boston mail here since last Saturday night until yesterday, and no New York or Western until Wednesday. All this was great delight to Edward and Theodore, for no sooner did the sun shine out on Monday morning, than they were out up to their necks, jumping in and out of the snow drifts, making sliding places, snow houses and snow men. The sleds were produced forthwith. Yesterday Edward's was stolen, by a Negro-- 66 --boy, we believe, and today he has bought himself a "prime one" for 75 cents, for which he paid his own money, value received for marbles and your parting blessing. Hunt Mills is in ecstasy, looking at the sliding, but when he will be able to join in the sport I don't know, as the weather is so cold I have not even let him go downstairs since you left, --- however he is doing well and wishes me to say his plaister has come off. As for Edward's it sticketh closer than a brother. ---I received your Sunday morning Atlas yesterday, which seems to say you arrived safe, and I hope soon to get a letter. You have no idea how much we all missed you. Harriet and Robert greatly, they both called Papa many times that afternoon. -----How tedious it is --- day after day -- see the same faces, say the same things, and all so destitute of interest and taste. They are all well at Father's. We have become interested in "Nicholas Nickleby," have but just finished the first volume, as we only read occasionally. I like it very much, there is much sterling good sense in it as well as fun. --- All send love and kisses. All asleep now.Yours affectionately ever,Caroline.