Frances Marvin Smith Webster1841-09-15Lucien Bonaparte WebsterHoulton, ME46.1261806-67.8402316I have five minutes given me my dear husband, in which to tell you that we are all tolerably well. Josie was quite sick yesterday with a cold but I dosed her well with oil and she is much better today and is now running out in the piazza with Charlotte Pierce.I wrote you day before yesterday and gave you all the news. Nothing has occurred since except [William] Aisquith's wedding which came off last eve, and which Wayne says was a very "snobby affair." Eleanor and Wayne officiated at Scotch corner as attendants, and all there signed bonds, under security of 500 pounds that the children of the newly married pair should not come upon the parish. What do you think of that? In the evening everybody assembled at Mr. Hooper's and danced and got tipsy, etc. I did not go myself not but Eleanor declares Mr. Wayne could not-- NA --walk straight when they came home and several of the gentlemen are not able to appear on parade this morning from what cause I will leave you to divine.I hope your march is favored with as fine weather as we have here. We have not had a particle of rain since you left but it has been cool and pleasant all the time, and I am thinking that you must arrive at Fort Kent Friday at farthest.There have been no letters for us since you left but the gentlemen tell me they have made up a package of papers for you though I believe they contain little or no news.We are so anxious for your return my dearest husband that I hardly know how to bear with patience the time that must intervene before your arrival, and I already begin to count the days. Do be as expeditious as possible. Josie has just come in cross as possible but she has condescended to kiss the letter for you and to say "dear papa come back quick," which mandate I hope you will obey. Farewell my own Lucien. May God ever bless you and soon restore to your affectionate wife.